Thursday, February 27, 2020

The topic about reading A Thousand Splendid Suns Essay

The topic about reading A Thousand Splendid Suns - Essay Example Miriam becomes an orphan sometimes later in life when she tried to visit her father prompting her mother to commit suicide. She is later forced to marry a widower in Kabul when she goes to stay with her father Jalil. Laila also a character in the story is a beautiful girl and a daughter to the ethnic Tajiks. Her parents pass on when she is still little and at the same time realizes she is expecting Tariq’s child. Laila is adopted by Rasheed and Mariam who afterwards made her his second wife. The thesis of the paper is therefore to show the way in which Laila meets the definition of a heroine because of her courage and the noble purpose she serves in the society. Laila fits the definition of being a heroine because of the courage that she shows in her deeds. Laila gives birth to her second child without using drugs to comfort herself. Contrary to the birth of Aziza her first child, her second experience is something that can be said to be of a courageous person. To date, any woman on the verge of undergoing a caesarian operation needs to be sedated so as to help abate the pain that comes with it. The courageous act of Laila however was when she refused to lose her child and thus accepted to be operated on without an aesthetic. â€Å"Tell me what’s going on! Laila said, she had propped herself up on her elbows. The doctor took a breath, then told Laila that the hospital had no anesthetic. But if we delay, you will lose your baby. Then cut me open, Laila said. She had dropped back on the bed and drew up her knees. Cut me open and give my baby.† (Hosseini pg.174). Another act of courage from Laila was when she was preparing to escape her marriage which had only lasted a few years. One is considered a hero or a heroine if he or she does things which the rest of the people cannot dare to do. Many at times most women in marriages are mistreated by their partners but because of the fear they have they decide not to do anything to change

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